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American Farmland Trust is hosting Women for the Land Learning Circles across the nation!

At Learning Circles, women in agriculture gather to hear from each other and agricultural resource providers in their local communities. To gain insight into the learning circle model, click here to listen to a few testimonials from women learning circle participants. Information is shared on practices and programs that support soil health, water quality, climate resilience, farm viability, and/or legacy planning. These learning circles are free to attend.   

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WHAT: Learning Circle – Starting a Sustainable Farm Business

WHEN: November 9, 2022 – 9 am – 3 pm

WHERE: Burley’s Berries and Bloom – 6335 Route 20A E, Warsaw, NY

DESCRIPTION: Please join us for a Learning Circle covering the nitty gritty details of starting a sustainable farm business. What kind of permits will you need? Are you located in an ag district? What does that even mean? Who do you turn to for support? Learn directly from farmers and service providers who have overcome every obstacle to make their farming dreams a reality.

We will meet at Burley’s Berries and Blooms in Warsaw for a winter wreath-making workshop and farm tour. Then we will drive to the Chalet at East Hill Creamery for a hot lunch and an afternoon discussion led by Diane Held, Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension-Erie County.

Burley’s Berries and Blooms is a boutique U-Pick Fruit & Flower Farm hosting on-farm events and will soon operate an artisanal creamery producing cream line milk and specialty products.




WHAT: Learning Circle – Managing for Ranch Resilience

WHEN: October 5, 2022 – 10am – 4pm

WHERE: 1782 South Main Street, Union

DESCRIPTION: Join us for a day of hands-on learning around ecosystem processes, ranching for resilience, soil testing, reading your land’s signals and more. Bring your questions – and bring your friends! Let’s build a community of practice around climate resilience for women ranchers in northeastern Oregon.

This event is hosted in collaboration with UVE Hub, 6 Ranch, Northeastern Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD), USDA Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS), Oregon Climate & Agriculture Network (OrCAN), Quivira Coalition, and the USDA Northwest Climate Hub.

* Space is limited *


WHAT: Learning Circle designed to provide you with foundational knowledge about soil health principles and practices, guide you through the process of creating a soil health management plan for your farm, and connect you with other women farmers interested in healthy soils.
WHEN: Fall 2022 to Spring 2023

WHERE: 2 full-day on-farm gatherings and 5 two-hour virtual study circles.

DESCRIPTION: Are you a woman farmer in Adams, Bedford, Berks, Chester, Centre, Cumberland, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, or Lycoming County?

Do you want to build resilience and profitability through healthy soil?

Do you need help creating and implementing a soil health management plan?

Do you want to connect and problem-solve with other women farmers?

Join us for a series of in-person and virtual learning circles designed to provide you with foundational knowledge about soil health principles and practices, guide you through the process of creating a soil health management plan for your farm, and connect you with other women farmers interested in healthy soils.

We all know that healthy soils can have big benefits. But it can be challenging to incorporate soil health planning with all the other work that needs to happen on the farm. As a part of the soil health learning circle, you’ll work with other women farmers to set goals for soil health on your farm that help you achieve your overall farm goals instead of creating another plan that will sit on a shelf! We’ll provide a soil health management plan template and walk you through how to create a plan for your farm based on your goals. You’ll connect with service providers from AFT, Pasa, Penn State and the Pennsylvania Soil Health Coalition, among others, who will help you create goals and choose soil health management practices to help you meet them.




WHEN: November 1, 2022, 10 am – 4 pm CST

WHERE: Barren Lake House

DESCRIPTION: Join us for a Learning Circle focused on “Creating and Deepening Connections to Navigate a Changing Agriculture Climate in KY.” At this circle, we’ll create deeper bonds to one another and to the work of working with USDA service providers in the state. Negotiation training will occur as we address challenges that keep the most marginalized from accessing resources to sustain their farming operations. In collaboration with Kentucky State’s Land-Grant Program, American Farmland Trust is hosting this learning circle to reconvene our network of women in agriculture in Kentucky and meet new women who want to learn more and access more resources to support their success on the land. Lunch will be provided.




QUÉ: Círculo de aprendizaje para mujerxs en agricultura

TEMA: Habilidades de negociación: Técnicas para desarrollar nuevas habilidades en negociaciones

CUANDO: 11 de octubre de 2022 de 5:30 a 7:30 pm

DÓNDE: 344 Salinas St STE 101, Salinas, CA 9390
Deborah Nares, Gerente- American Farmland Trust
Anel Trujillo – Especialista en Presentación de Recursos- American Farmland Trust
Caitlin Joseph, Gerente del Programa y Políticas de Mujeres por la Tierra – American Farmland Trust
Tania Zuñiga Moreno, Asesora de Negocios – Kitchen Table Advisors
Andrea Levy, Gerente de Program, Acceso a la Tierra y Educación de Negocios Agrícolas – California Farmlink

Los Círculos de Aprendizaje aplican un enfoque de equidad, centrado en la experiencia de los participantes, exponiendo sus propias experiencias, proporcionado un entorno de apoyo desde el cual aprender colectivamente. American Farmland Trust (AFT) ha estado utilizando este modelo en todo el país para involucrar a las mujeres agricultoras y propietarias de tierras para implementar su mayor acceso al apoyo de conservación en la tierra y los recursos de viabilidad agrícola. En asociación con Kitchen Table Advisors, este Círculo de Aprendizaje creará un espacio para que las mujeres en la agricultura en la región de Salinas:
• Obtener consejos para negociar con éxito en una variedad de escenarios relacionados con negociaciones en el área de la agricultura.
• Practicar habilidades de comunicación estratégica dentro de un grupo de sus compañeros
• Dialogar sobre los desafíos que enfrenta en su rancho y escuchar cómo los agricultores como usted han navegado por problemas similares
• Construir relaciones con proveedores de servicios en su comunidad que estén preparados para apoyar a su rancho
Sin costo alguno. Se proporcionará refrigerio. Apoyo a gastos de transporte, si se solicita durante el registro.
Mujerxs incluye mujeres, personas transgénero y no binarias, y cualquier persona marginada por la misoginia o afectada por problemas relacionados con las mujeres.
¿Comentarios o preguntas? Contacto Caitlin Joseph en cjoseph@farmland.org o llamar a Anel Trujillo (Español/Ingles) at (559) 385-1517


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