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Invest in the Farmland Pollinator Protection Project

In March 2018, the Farmland Pollinator Protection Project announced that farmers in Michigan’s Grand Traverse region would begin to establish high-quality pollinator habitat on several acres of local farmland.

The Grand Traverse region, deep in the heart of the fertile fruit belt of Western Michigan, is the ideal place to pilot this project because so much of the agricultural production in the area (from cherries to apples) is dependent upon local pollinators.

With the project now underway, we are currently seeking investment from corporations, small businesses, and community organizations interested in the unique opportunity to directly fund pollinator habitat expansion.

What is a Pollinator Habitat Credit?

A Pollinator Habitat Credit is a certifiable unit of pollinator habitat grown on a local farm. The purchase of a Pollinator Habitat Credit by an investor supports:

  1. The establishment of one (1) acre of pollinator habitat using a high-quality seed mix designed to native pollinator populations
  2. Yearly maintenance and monitoring of the habitat by a local farmer and project staff for the next five (5) years
  3. A yearly Ecosystem Service Payment to the landowner for a term of five (5) years

Accounting for all costs associated with establishing and protecting high-quality pollinator habitat for five years, the price of a Pollinator Habitat Credit is $3,125.

Interested in becoming an investor in the Farmland Pollinator Protection project? Fill out our Investor Information Form   and we’ll be in touch with more details. For any additional questions, please contact American Farmland Trust’s Director for Conservation Innovations, Brian Brandt, at or   (614) 430-8130.  


To learn more Pollinator Habitat Credits and what it means to be an investor, read this Investor Factsheet.

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